James Pax

James Pax is an American actor who has starred in many Hollywood hit films such as Big Trouble in Little China, Invasion USA, The First Emporer and many more!

Between 1990-96, James Pax starred in a multitude of popular Hong Kong & China made films such as ''The Heroic Trio (1993)'', ''Love Among The Triad (1993)'', ''Shanghai Fever (1994)''.

In 1997 James Produced & Directed the TV Show ''L.A What's Happening?''. He became the first Asian producer to appear on the Red Carpet at the Chinese Mann Theater to interview hundreds of Hollywood directors, producers and actors. The program soon became known as the Asian Version of "Entertainment Tonight", airing on Asian channels & Sky TV in Japan. Morgan Freeman, John Woo & many other well-known Hollywood stars guest appeared on the show.

In 2006, James produced and starring in a Docu-drama called The First Emperor for Discovery USA and Channel 4 UK with 18% rating when it was first premiered on Channel 4 UK. The TV rights was sold out throughout the Global TV stations, and now the movie is viewed on YouTube with 4.5 million viewers.

James has continuously striven to develop himself further in the world of film making, becoming also an adroit script writer. Author of the book ''A Bowel of Fish''. Screenwriter & director of the highly anticipated Big Screen film adaption "Pirate Warriors of South China Sea", "Vortex" and "Kung Fu me in the Zombie Land".

As of now, James is looking to produce and direct Vortex Mini-series "Operation Freedom Nigeria" and a horror-Kung Fu- fantasy feature movie called Kung Fu Me In the Zombie Land. In 2026 James plans to direct the highly anticipated maritime action feature called "Pirate Warriors of South China Sea." He is also regularly attending a variety of Comic Cons & events around the world, Get in touch with Jacob to book him for your event!


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