Craig Miller

Craig Miller is a Writer, Producer & Former Director of Fan Relations “LucasFilm”

Craig started as the Director of Fan Relations for LucasFilm from 1977 through to 1980. He created and oversaw the Official Star Wars Fan Club. He was the producer of the Sesame Street: Star Wars Episodes in addition to operating R2-D2’s head in the episodes.

Craig was also a Producer for Lucasfilm on commercials such as the ones for licensee Underoos. He was also responsible for creating the 800-number telephone hotline for The Empire Strikes Back which allowed fans to call up to receive more information about the movies and characters.

Craig has also written episodes for many animated TV shows, such as Curious George, Skaterboy, Godzilla: The Series, Phantom 2040 and many more. He also created, produced and wrote the animated series Pocket Dragon Adventures which played on the BBC seven days a week from 2000-2006.


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