David Paetkau

David Paetkau was born November 10 1978, he is a Canadian actor who has appeared in many movies and television shows in his career. He began his career in 1998, but had his first major break in 2000, with the Nickelodeon movie "Snow Day", alongside legends like Chevy Chase.

In 2003, David would be blessed with the role of lottery winning douchebag Evan Lewis in the horror movie, Final Destination 2. He'd continue his horror run with I'II Always Know What You Did Last Summer and Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

David has also had a role in the DC movie, Man of Steel, and would star alongside fellow Final Destination alum Sean William Scott in the Hockey movies, GOON and GOON: Last of the Enforcers. David also plays Nick in the TV show, LAX, for 11 episodes.

He also starred as Sam in the CTV/CBS hit show, Flashpoint and has guest starred in many TV shows, including Supernatural, Dexter, Stargate, Criminal Minds, CSI: Miami and Smallville. In gaming, David lent his voice to the hit franchise, Max Payne in the 3rd instalment.


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