Greg Berg

What can you say about a comedic actor and voice talent who feels one of his biggest breaks was doing the voice of a 'honey drop' for a Golden Grahams Cereal commercial,and who has been known to sit in a corner and talk to himself in several different voices?

For Greg Berg, the actor/voice artist just described, this is the only way of life he knows.

Berg's voice-over credits include the popular television shows: 'Jim Henson's Muppet Babies' as Baby Fozzie Bear and Baby Scooter,'The Simpson's'-guest star, the original animated 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', 'American Dad', and 'Yo Yogi' as Young Huckleberry Hound. Prominent films include: 'Transformers 3-Dark of the Moon', 'Toy Story', Disney's 'Chicken Little','The Muppets Movie', 'The Wild'. And prominent video games : 'Final Fantasy (2014)', 'Monster's Inc.', 'Desperate Housewives', and 'Everquest 1 and 2'. As well as, voice matching characters on 'Playtime For Noddy'.

After growing up in Cleveland and Akron,Ohio, where he worked his way up from the control panel to DJ, then to a spot as a producer for a celebrity oriented talk show. Berg made his move to Los Angeles in 1978. His training at the prestigious Harvey Lembeck Comedy Workshop and The Second City Los Angeles Performers Group has led to appearances at such local well-known clubs as The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory,performing with improvisation groups or trying new voice routines.

Berg's goals are to be acting and doing voice-overs wherever anyone needs a voice. He enjoys voice-over work, but certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity to appear in a comedy feature film.His personal favorite acting inspirations include Robin Williams, Jack Benny,Mel Blanc, and Abbott and Costello.

If what Berg says about himself comes about- 'after I conquer so many voices,my ambition is to be a crowd'- he'll be able to emulate all his favorite comedians some day in the same conversation.

For now, though, he'll continue both his on-and-off camera work while he looks for that special movie and new voices to conquer.


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