Jack Mulcahy

Jack Mulcahy was born on April 22 1954, He is a multi-award-winning American actor, born and raised in New York City. He achieved major success with his first two films, Porky's and Porky's II: The Next Day.

As working NY actor, Jack has guest starred in dozens of films and television shows including Sex & the City, Law & Order, Law & Order Bloods just to name a few. Two years later, Jack won his first ever Best Actor Award for his hilarious : SVU, and Blue Jack got a major break in the spring of 1993 when he met writer/director Edward Burns They began discussing a story that Burns had written called The Brothers McMullen and Burns soon offered Jack the lead as the eldest brother, Jack.

On a budget of only $15,000, McMullen went on to become one of the most successful independent features in indie film history, as well as garnering several illustrious awards ~ most notably, the Grand Jury Prize for Best Picture of 1995 at Robert Redford's Sundance Film Festival and the Grand Prix for Best Picture at the 1995 Deauville Film Festival ~ and was acquired by Fox Searchlight Pictures at Sundance; Searchlight’s very first acquisition. Jack went on to star in many indie features, including a slacker comedy, "Stuck In The Middle", that took the 2012-3 festival circuit by storm, delighting audiences and garnering four-star reviews. In one review a critic wrote, "Jack Mulcahy as Leo, steals every scene in this crowd-pleasing comedy!" portrayal of Lucifer in Joseph Pepitone's comedy, The Jersey Devil, released worldwide in 2015.

He is also a member of the NY Local Board of Directors at SAG•AFTRA, a National Board alternate, Vice-Chairman of the National Low Budget Film Committee, member of the TV/Theatrical/Streaming Negotiating Committee, the SAGindie Committee, and Chairman of the Seniors Committee in NY. He resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the apartment that he has called home since birth.


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