Jeffrey Nicholas Brown

Jeffrey Nicholas Brown was born on August 29 to Thomas and Mary Brown, both music teachers, in Evanston Il. He played the violin from age three to five, the piano from five to eight, and the drums from eight to the present. He is glad his parents made him do this.

His first professional acting job was in “The Grapes of Wrath” in Chicago when he was twelve.  He worked along side Gary Sinese,  John C. Riley, and Terry Kinney amongst others.

After graduating with a BFA, Jeffrey moved to Oakland and lived in a warehouse in the ghetto. He worked for 60’s icon Wavy Gravy as a counselor at his circus and performing arts camp..

All this changed after his friend Thessally had a dream that he beat out Michael Jackson for a part in Blue Man Group. Then, in the paper the next day, there was an ad for a Blue Man Group open call. As foretold in the dream, Jeffrey soon moved to NYC to start working with Blue Man Group as a Blue Man for their upcoming show in Las Vegas.

After a year in NYC, Jeffrey moved to Las Vegas to open Blue Man Group’s biggest show ever. It was an amazing time. Jeffrey Brown was a Las Vegas celebrity.

He lived there for three years until he moved out to Los Angeles where he now acts in TV and film. He lives with his gorgeous and talented actor/writer wife, Jennifer Carta, and son Oliver.

He continues to perform with Blue Man Group on a part time basis all over the world and play drums for various bands and artists - however they are better named these days. He is a blessed man.


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