Kevin Redziniski

Kevin Redzinski, is an American Actor & Stunt-Double, best known for A Nightmare On Elm St 4: The Dream Master and Freddy’s Nightmares!

Kevin was dubbed “Freddy #2” by the man himself, Robert England, after his work as Freddy Krueger’s photo double and glove double on A Nightmare On Elm St 4 and the entire Freddy’s Nightmare’s TV series including the opening shot that kicks off every episode!

After a 2 year run working with the iconic glove Kevin moved back East and pursued stand up. FREDDY #2 combines both experiences and the result is a highly entertaining, informative one man show infused with a slideshow of never before seen pictures,the stories behind them and a chapter reading from his upcoming book: From Chestnut St. to Elm St which is derived from entries in several journals kept while working on both Freddy productions as well as during his time spent on Heathers, Roadhouse and The Blob.

“At the start of A Nightmare On Elm St 4: The Dream Master, I didn’t know if I was going to be there for a day, a month or a minute so I took this little slimline 110 camera with me starting day one because if I was going to be there an hr and get sent home I was gettin’ a picture of it. Fortunately it turned into almost 2 years of work and I had that camera with me more days and nights than not. Presently I am editing through some pretty spectacular shots I know have never been seen because I took them and up till now have done nothing with them.” - Kevin Redziniski


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