Khoa Le

Khoa Le's illustrious career showcases his mastery in storytelling and innovation, merging his roles as a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and visionary. His work spans across impactful cinema, transformative television, and pioneering digital ventures, underlining his diverse talents and forward-thinking approach.

Khoa's directorial achievements are prominently showcased in "Walt Before Mickey," a film that explores the early days of the beloved Disney character, and has enjoyed success on platforms like Netflix. His influence in television is equally significant, with projects like "BTC Starmaker Season 5," which revitalized the Bahamian TV industry, and "Behind His Guitar," a compelling portrayal of Jose Feliciano's life, broadcast on NBC Peacock. Le also directed "Bezos: The Beginning," a narrative film chronicling the rise of one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, which received global distribution. His upcoming project, "Ice Ice Baby," a biopic about Vanilla Ice, highlights his ability to capture the essence of cultural icons. Additionally, his latest narrative film, "Christmas Cowboy," is set to be introduced to markets soon.

Beyond the director's chair, Khoa has launched innovative businesses like Kvibe Studios, Live Picture Studios, and Sutudu Media. Kvibe Studios provides all-encompassing production services, while Live Picture Studios has emerged as a leader in wedding photography and video, embarking on national franchising. Sutudu Media, his latest venture, revolutionizes the licensing of films and music, empowering creators and end-users with control over their work's distribution.

In the spirit of constant innovation, Khoa has recently spearheaded the development of Kvibe AI Media, a new technology service that streamlines content creation and distribution across many platforms for SEO and PR purposes.

Currently, Khoa is developing a slate of 10 films, promising a robust pipeline of engaging content. This ambitious endeavor highlights his commitment to storytelling excellence and sustainable business practices in the creative industry.

Khoa Le’s journey epitomizes the essence of a modern-day Renaissance man, blending artistic creativity with entrepreneurial acumen. Through his diverse portfolio of films, innovative business models, and advocacy for creators' rights, Khoa continues to make significant contributions to cinema, digital media, and beyond, inspiring future generations of storytellers and innovators.


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