Marilyn A. Harris

Marilyn A. Harris is an actress best known for the role of Andre's Grandma on Nickelodeon's Victorious. She booked this role early in her career as an actress. Ironically, Marilyn's husband Percy asked Marilyn to meet with his Agent. She was looking for older Black women to sign. But Marilyn was not interested because she was a Litigation Support Supervisor at a non-profit law firm. A year later Marilyn finally decided to meet with Percy's Agent. She was immediately signed.

The role of Andre's Grandma was made for Marilyn. Her ability to play a loud and crazy grandma comes to her naturally. Being a middle child, the talents of being loud and crazy came in handy. The role is a huge blessing from God. Not only because of the great fanbase, but because of the unique relationship Marilyn has with fans of Andre's Grandma. She calls them GrandFans. Grandma plus Fans of Victorious.

Another blessing is that Marilyn and her husband Percy enjoy working together in the entertainment industry, including standup comedy. Marilyn has appeared at The Comedy Store, The Improv, The Inside Jokes Comedy Club and other venues in Hollywood as Crazy Cool Grandma. Marilyn and Percy also produced three comedy shows, Crazy Cool Grandma's Comedy Review where Marilyn did standup comedy as Crazy Cool Grandma with other comics appearing. Also, the two of them have appeared in commercials and movies together. Working together and individually in the entertainment industry has been an adventure.

Recently, Marilyn and Percy hosted a podcast, Victoriously Crazy where they interviewed cast, crew and others connected with the show Victorious. At the end of each podcast Marilyn would do an “Andre’s Grandma Acts Out” segment with each guest. Andre’s Grandma would bring the crazy, and the podcast guest would throw it right back at her. It’s hilarious to watch and is available on all podcast platforms as well as YouTube.

Now, Marilyn's acting journey has led her to doing convention appearances. Once again, the Andre's Grandma character is expanding her crazy presence. Marilyn has no doubt she will have crazy fun and be VICTORIOUS!


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