Natasha Tosini

Natasha Tosini is a British-Italian Film Actress & TV Personality. Tosini was in 2 films that were promoted at Cannes Film Festival in 2023.

Born in Nottingham, UK, Natasha spent her earlier years studying drama. In 2022, the internet went into meltdown with the news that 'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' was in production, and she starred as Lara in the viral sensation Jacuzzi scene. The movie went onto becoming the 2nd most anticipated movie of 2023, resulting in a cinema release.

In addition, Tosini was a cover model for FHM, the multinational men's lifestyle magazine. She has since worked as an actress in some feature-length film productions. In 2023; Natasha played a role as Linda in the ‘Snake Hotel' and Cassie in 'Three Blind Mice!

Natasha can be next seen in 'Cinderella's Curse' (2024) starring as 'Hannah', due for global Cinematic release in April 2024.


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